“What do you mean by that?”

We all had this time in school lecture hours where teacher used to conclude any topic / session with one final question, “Any Doubts”?

This was one such question you’ve heard way too many times in school but still you preferred to not answer it. Maybe, you were more involved in thinking about what others might think of you, for asking this question or you never understood what was taught in the first place.

If you are ever stuck in room where you think asking questions might make you look stupid in front of others, maybe you are in the wrong room. The reason why I say this is because in any high impact learning environment, most learning happens when there is an exchange of thoughts and ideas between the people. This takes place when the individuals ask questions. Also, asking questions doesn’t make you look like a dumb person.

I keep this simple thing in mind. The situation that I’m experiencing right now might never come again in the future and the person whom you are fearful of being judged by, you’ll probably never meet them again or they would never be of your help. So, might as well just ask for it instead of missing out on the question you’ve wanted to ask.

If you don’t ask, the answer is always NO

– A Wise Man on the Internet

This is true for almost every case. You aren’t fearful of asking someone out for a date. You just fear 50% rejection chance that comes with it as a consequence of you asking out. You’re already rejected if you don’t ask for it, might as well just do it. 😉

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I'm Akash. I'm a 19y/o student based in Pune, pursuing Electronics and Computer Engineering with interests in Business and Finance.

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