“College is essential or is it?”

India is a country with more than 50% of its population under the age of 25 and 65% of its population under the age of 35 which is the highest in the world.

Source: freepressjournal.in

Having such a healthy workforce is a major upper hand for any country. But, are we using it the right way?

Higher Education Institutions in India are doing an injustice to students by placing compulsory attendance system in colleges. Try eliminating the attendance system and you’ll find out the number of students who are actually interested in attending college.

The attendance system is a barrier that is forcing students to give up on their interests in the process of building their career.

In a very recent case, one of my friends got an On-site Internship Opportunity at a Company. He forcefully had to give up the opportunity because his Internship timeframe did not align with the ongoing college lectures.

This needs to change. If not, this is going to hurt the workforce and the country real bad.

All the views mentioned above are my own personal belief and what I've experienced. I do not intend to target any entity/ institution.

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I'm Akash. I'm a 19y/o student based in Pune, pursuing Electronics and Computer Engineering with interests in Business and Finance.

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